Large Scale CO₂ Removal

RECOAL AG, a Swiss company, has developed a cutting-edge carbon removal technology that transforms waste biomass into Negative Emission Coal, providing a reliable, permanent and easy-to-scale solution that securely stores CO2 underground.

Why do we act?

Global warming is a consequence of the increased CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere. Without well-functioning, scalable and long-lasting CO₂ removal technologies, the world will not be able to achieve its 1.5° target. Up to 870M tons CO₂ will need to be removed by 2040 to avoid further fatal impacts to humanity from climate change, as the latest IPCC report stated. ​

With RECOAL we want to make a relevant contribution to net zero with our negative CO₂ emissions. ​

We act now because we owe it to future generations. 


Succesful proof of concept

The project is ongoing since 2020 and has successfully completed a proof of concept. The milestones:​

  • 2020 project started​.
  • August 2022 successful Proof of Concept of Negative Emission Coal​ production.
  • 2022 – 2023 Scientifical concept  and feasibility studies in collaboration with ETH Zurich, TU Delft, ZHAW,  DMT Gmbh, Holinger AG.​
  • September 2023 Foundation of RECOAL AG​.
  • By 2025, RECOAL strives to have its first NEC plant and storage operational, removing 1'000t CO₂/year​.
Negative Emission Coal (NEC) produced in 2022

Challenge of Carbon Removal to date

There are not enough carbon removal technologies and companies on the market to achieve the necessary scalability. Several approaches are directed to short term carbon storage. Permanent carbon removal process at an affordable cost are a challenge. 

​Our solution: RECOAL AG Reverse Mining ​

RECOAL AG will produce Negative Emission Coal (NEC) from waste biomass in its own production plants and store NEC in its oewn permanent underground deposits, called Negative Emission Vault (NEV).​

The RECOAL AG approach is the simplest and, at the same time, the safest and most efficient method of carbon removal to date. RECOAL AG imitates and accelerates what nature did millions of years ago with affordable costs. 


​The RECOAL process undertakes three simple steps:

1st Step: Carbon Capture

1st Step: Carbon Capture

All plants and most algae fix CO₂ in the form of biomass thanks to photosynthesis. Wet waste biomass with the fixed CO₂ is the raw material for the Negative Emission Coal (NEC).

2nd Step: Negative Emission Coal (NEC) production

2nd Step: Negative Emission Coal (NEC) production

RECOAL AG builds industrial plants that transform waste biomass into Negative Emission Coal.

3rd Step: Long term Storage and Monitoring

3rd Step: Long term Storage and Monitoring

RECOAL AG builds large scale permanent Negative Emission Coal deposits, called Negative Emission Vaults and ensures the security of the deposit by permanent monitoring and no coal degradation.

Looking to venture into a promising sector of the future?

The era of Carbon Removal is here! Get in touch with us via our contact form.

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